Feature Request: Camera in app



That’d be great to be able to take screenshots of our scenes in VR.
Please let me know if I missed it!



It is not there yet, but it’s coming in the next version.


The new version is out, with the Camera tool to take shots or videos!


Awesome, thanks. Checking it out now


@arigo Great great last update!! Thank you!


Hi @arigo, Will be wonderfull if we can make pictures and anotations in it, it is posible right now?


You can make pictures and videos. The pictures and videos capture the same thing as you see (plus a model of yourself if you take a “selfie”-like picture). You can first draw annotations in the form of the “Notes” tool; these will show up in the picture or video as well.


OK, I got it. I will try and share results. Thaks @arigo. :ok_hand:t3: