Last update version 5.1.0


has anybody already updated to this version?
Since I updated to the 5.1.0 version my OCULUS software does not work. I cannot open it…
Now I am trying to reinstall OCULUS and go back to the VRsketch 5.0.0 version if possible. Does anyone knows how to go back to a previous plugin version ?
best regards
Pierre Bonnet


The page has been updated and should let you download 5.0.0 again. But I’m unsure it’s the cause of your problem. For me both 5.0.0 and 5.1.0 work fine on Oculus, and both before and after I upgrade to the newest Oculus App 1.37 released very recently. If you cannot make it work again, please give us as many details as possible…


Do you mean you had the "Trouble starting Oculus " error message?
If so look into your services.msc and start the OculusRuntime manually. Might help and save you from reinstalling Oculus software!