Multiuser set up


Hi, I´m new user. I´m very interesting in multiuser enviropment. How can I set up this settings with WMR headsets? This options is possible only with Oculus or HTC headsets?



This should not depend on which headset particular persons are using. The procedure is the same: (1) install VR Sketch on all machines; (2) go to the VR Sketch menu in SketchUp, and use the commands “Upload to cloud” and “View cloud model”.


@arigo thanks. Q: every machine needs serial number or you can use one number in all of them? I want to make some experiments but no many People have the app


You can simply ask for a new temporary one-month license on each of the other machines. Doing so would prevent you from uploading models from these other machines; but as long as you upload them from the initial machine everything should work. Alternatively, you are allowed to copy-paste the license key across the machines, as long as it’s for testing purposes only [or to show something to clients]. We are fine with this. If you keep using several machines in parallel for an extensive period of time, then please buy more licenses at this point.


Thanks @arigo for your guide. No many people have a VR headset so, I need to make some experiment to go further. Is not my intention use long therm of period, in fact is for short times in the middle of models creations. I need to interact with others in some ways and get that experience.