Relative Scale in VR


I am new to SketchVR and so far it seems like a really impressive product.

I have a wierd feeling that the relative view scale of my model is not correct (I feel like it may be something like 90% full scale) Is there a way to adjust this ? I feel like its all a bit small. (IE, my head is too close to doors etc. counters seem too low etc.)


Hi, thanks for the comments!

The “wrong scale” is a feeling that I suspect is not real. You should measure it exactly (e.g. add to your model a line that is exactly 2 meter long, somewhere on the floor; then in VR, look at the line and leave each controller at the end; then outside VR measure the real distance). Maybe the problem comes from the ground not being at the right height in VR?

Of course it may be the case that there is really a systematic and measurable difference. If so—and while I don’t understand why there should be one—I could think about adding a configuration parameter.

EDIT: ah, maybe adjusting the distance of the lens between the eyes would have an effect on the perceived distances, too.


Note that it might also be simply that the real floor’s level has been misconfigured. Check if the apparent VR floor is at the same level as the real floor (check in VR by bringing the controllers down until they hit the real floor). If not, redo the room setup.