This is awesome


This is probably the only working system VR CAD. All the others, gravity sketch or tiltbrush, are like crayons compared to this.

If you need to do “actual work”, this is the only solution for VR.

Too bad Sketchup got sold by google though. I would gladly pay the monthly hobbyist fee, but having to buy sketchup pro for 700 usd to use this extension as a hobbyist is rough.

Really nice job, it will be fun using this during my 30 day trial of sketchup.


Hi Kim

The Sketchup Make 2017 (which is free and Trimble promised it will be always free) works with VR Sketch. You can use that.

Best regards,
Maciej Fijalkowski


Hi Kim

Here is a link to Sketchups download page with Sketchup Make 2017

Kind regards