VR Sketch 4.0.0 beta with cloud multiplayer viewer - try it out!


Hello everyone.

We are pleased to announce we have a VR Sketch 4.0 beta, ready for everyone to try. The biggest feature here is the fact that we have a cloud viewer that letโ€™s people collaboratively view models stored in the cloud!

In order to try it out, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Please go to https://vrsketch.eu/downloads.html and follow the instructions for installing beta. Donโ€™t worry, you can always come back to released version and beta should be as functional as the released version of VR Sketch.
  2. You can upload your model using Extensions -> VR Sketch -> Upload cloud file ...
  3. Go to https://vrsketch.eu/cloud.html or click on View cloud page button
  4. Select the model and click Share then Copy link to clipboard
  5. Run Extensions -> VR Sketch -> Start VR
  6. Press Paste and visit URL from the VR Sketch window. Multiple people can do the same and you will share the same model.


While right now you can only view the models together, we plan on adding the collaborative editing at some stage in the near future.

If you want to leave public feedback, please leave it here, if you would rather leave private feedback, please mail info@baroquesoftware.com

Maciej Fijalkowski, Armin Rigo and the VR Sketch team

Anyone know how to use multi user mode?

Hi VR sketch team, if you want to make some experiments in multiuser enviropment, Just tell me. Iโ€™m ready to go with you!, :grin::+1:t3: