2d components facing camera

Hi, Is there a way that camera facing 2d components face my viewpoint during a walkthrough?

Hi! So far, camera-facing components are reoriented only when you use the teleporter. If you walk through your model without using the teleporter then they won’t rotate.

We can’t make them turn to your position every single frame, for two reasons: in VR Sketch, rotating them is internally a costly operation (it’s implemented differently than in SketchUp); but more importantly, the head’s position changes slightly all the time in VR: we feel it would be hard to do editing operations on a component that wobbles all the time, and possibly it would even be strange to just see the components turn a bit against the rest of the model all the time.

What are you using to walk around your model? Is it the joystick? We could think about a solution like this: when using the joystick to move, maybe every 2 meters, then we would start a reorient-the-components operation.

Thanks for your answer!
Yes I use the joystick (and also the teleporter) to move around in the model.
Your possible solution sounds great!