3D Warehouse: Unknown network error

I’m getting an “Unknown network error” when attempting to access the 3D Warehouse from within VR Sketch.

Accessing the internet generally and the 3D Warehouse works fine outside of VR Sketch, so it’s not a general connectivity problem.

I was using Sketchup 2021, but I have a copy of 2022, so tried that, having reinstalled VR Sketch 16.0.0 but I get the same problem.

Anyone having this issue? Has Trimble broken an API or something?



It works fine for us. Can you try again? Maybe it was a temporary problem, either on the Trimble side or on VR Sketch’s own servers. (The search functionality built into VR Sketch relies on the VR Sketch servers relaying your requests to Trimble, rather than directly querying Trimble. We do this because we figured it would be easier to upgrade the querying logic on our servers rather than do an emergency release of an upgraded version of VR Sketch and ask everybody to update. So far, though, we haven’t had problems with that.)

I’m also having the same error. Been getting it for roughly a week or so. Not sure what the problem is since I haven’t changed my version of VR Sketch or Sketchup.

I guess it is really an issue new in v39. I keep looking around but I haven’t found a way to force the Quest to update to v39. It’s a rollout system where some people randomly get it earlier than others, with no way to get it among the first ones even if you’re a software developer (which is dumb if you ask me). I fear there is no other solution than waiting for however long it will take mine to randomly upgrade, and then I’ll be able to debug.

@Alex_Arshadi: can you check which firmware version your Quest has got? Someone mentioned getting v39 one week ago, but I (still) cannot get it and the page https://support.oculus.com/release-notes/ doesn’t mention v39 at all. It’s in the Quest’s main menu, Settings, Software Update, the first number of “Version”. It should be either “37.” or “39.”.

You may also try to check the in-development version mentioned here; it might help or not.

Hi Guys,

As of last night, I was still getting the error.

I’m on a Index, not an oculus in case that is useful information?

Can I send you a debug log or something?


@Dave_Springall: thanks a lot! Maybe Alex is actually using the Quest with the Link, connected to a PC. I tried on PC and indeed I’m getting the same error as you do now! The problem of the Oculus firmware version turned out to be a red herring.

It should be fixed now.

Yes, I can confirm it is indeed! Thanks!

Yes I was using quest as PCVR. Sorry I forgot to mention that! Seems all is in order now. Thanks