App Crash on Quest 2 v39 upon startup

Hi all,

I recently updated to v39 on the quest 2 and I am now unable to use the app. The app crashes half a second or so after it loads into the warehouse after starting the app. Anyone else having this issue? I have another quest 2 which is still running v37 and all is still good.


Hello! Sorry about the breakage. We are still trying to get our Quest 2 to upgrade, but at the moment it’s stuck at v37. In the meantime, maybe you can try the in-development version of VR Sketch? It is based on a more recent version of Unity with a more recent version of Oculus’ own developer tools in it. For all we know, it helps.

The latest version is available here (see also the following post for installation instructions): Quest 2 Passthrough API. As the title says, it contains an experimental (and optional) use of the passthrough API, but otherwise it should be a full and hopefully stable version.

@Jack_seymour: can you double-check your firmware version number? I am still not getting the update, and also doesn’t mention version 39 at all. Googling doesn’t seem to find anything about the version 39…

OK, I found out that there is a Public Test Channel which you can sign on to to get a preview of the latest release. That sounds great for developers… if it didn’t have the feature of saying “nope, we are full, you can’t join”.

I would say that you should leave this channel and use the same version of the firmware than the one we are able to test with. Sadly, it seems that if you joined the channel and then leave, then the firmware is not downgraded, so such advice is useless at the moment.

It seems Facebook is just making it harder than it should be.

Thanks for looking into this @arigo! it turns out the headset I’m using is being borrowed from a dev at Facebook (or Meta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) which probably explains why they are in this channel. I’m assuming it will be a while until v39 eventually comes out :unamused: though I have heard of being able to downgrade via sidequest - something to talk the owner of the headset about guess…

The problem, it seems, was unrelated to the Quest firmware version and occurred in the PC VRSketch version (including on Quest with the Link cable). It is fixed now. Can you check if it works for you?