App crash on Oculus Quest 2

I have several SketchUp files files which I am opening with the Vr Sketch app on the Oculus Quest 2, both via the cloud option and via wifi from my MacBook.
One file in particular (size 56MB) doesn’t want to work as in after loading and processing, it “kills” the app.

is there a size limit for the files to work?

Yes, see section “Rendering of large models” for how the Quest handles (or sometimes fails to handle) models that are too big.

Does this help? Feel free to ask for more information.

Thank you for ponting the link.
Turned out it was not the size, but the number of facea as I had some trees in the model and they had way more facea.

It seems that I cannot use this for my purpose as I don’t seem to be avle to find a solution to make the oculus quest 2 to work with my macbook pro.

Sorry about that. At the moment editing high-poly models really requires using a Windows machine with a good graphics card. The limit in the Quest 2 is due to limited hardware and the fact that we’re a “fully online” solution, i.e. without preprocessing of the model. There are other tools than ours; maybe some of them are able to reduce the model’s number of faces—in theory there are various ways to compute an approximation of a high-poly model as a low-poly model. These are preprocessing algorithms that take a while to run, and the result can only be viewed, not edited in VR nor quickly tweaked in Sketchup to see the changes.

I use VRSketch with my Mac. I swap out any detailed foliage with faceme billboards which works very well as VRSketch updates the faceme orientation each time you teleport.
High poly kills SketchUp as well as VRSketch anyway.
I also use Transmutr to simplify complex geometry (imported high poly assets). I still find it amazing sometimes as to what complexity VRSketch can actually handle when the model is optimised.