Beta version: Pico Neo 3, and "Cut Holes" functionality

Hi all,

A quick message to tell you that we’re experimenting with two new features:

  • the “cut holes” functionality of SketchUp is used to make windows or doors in some cases. Previously, the holes would render as not cut in VR Sketch. This should be fixed now. We have a beta version for Oculus Quest here (not for PC VR for now):
    You need to install both the .rbz on your PC/Mac and the .apk on your Oculus Quest to have the “cut opening” components sent and displayed. Similarly, in collaborative editing mode, the machine running SketchUp needs to use the .rbz above, and then all clients that are using the .apk above should see the openings cut.

  • support for the “Pico Neo 3 Pro” headset:
    It’s an APK you need to install on your Pico Neo 3 device; afterwards, you use the regular VR Sketch (as a SketchUp extension on PC/Mac) like usual, for now connecting to your Pico Neo 3 device as if it were an Oculus Quest. If you don’t have VR Sketch installed on your PC/Mac, or if you want to try out the “cut holes” functionality, you can additionally install the [rbz] file from the previous point.

Have fun,
Armin Rigo


Hi, i have my pico neo 3 in develop mode, copy the apk but i can’t install te package, what do i do wrong? can you help me?

Hello! Thanks for the question, actually we always use the Unity developer tools to install the APK and we’re not sure how everybody else is supposed to install it… I failed to find any detailed procedure by googling. I can find this about the old Neo 1; maybe the procedure is the same: It says that after you copied the APK file, you still need a last step to actually install it on the device. I quote: “Enter “all”, then “document management”, then “the installation package”. Find the APK you copied into Download files. Click and install.” Does this help?

I found these steps on a random web site (look for the “How to install my own application” section):

We will of course make a guide of our own and test it correctly in time for the official release of VR Sketch on the Pico Neo 3.

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thanks, i will try it again this weekend…