Can I present model to others in cloud


I’m new but excited about VR sketch and have a question. Can I present a model in the cloud easily to others guests without needing a PC.

The situation I’m in is the following. I’m a student and have to present a model I made in Sketchup to a jury consisting of 4 teachers. I want to present it in VR on Oculus Quest. Because I have limited time to present I want to avoid fiddling with PC.

When I upload the model to the cloud I can open VR sketch on the Oculus and walk through it, so far so good.

Ideally I would like to rent 4 Oculus Quest 2 devices just for the day of the presentation and give every teacher one so they can all walk around in the model (together ?)

Is there a way to do so ? Can I in any way install the VR sketch app on the rented Oculus Quest 2 devices and have them join or look at the model ? They don’t have a VR sketch account. So some kind of guest invite would be ideal.

Or should I login to all Oculus Quest 2 devices with my account and have them all separately walk through the cloud model? Will that work will I be able to have 5 parallel session at the same time? I can’t test this as I don’t have multiple Quests and will only have them on the day itself (as a student I want to keep the renting cost as low as possible).

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If you uploaded a model, you get a URL of the form There are two ways to view it, so you can try the one that fits your use case best. Both require a PC to get started, though. There is no way at the moment to enter the URL manually on the Quest (and also, it would be rather tedious to do so).

  1. If you have only just installed VRSketch on the extra Quest devices, then for each one, look up its 6-digits code which shows up when you start VRSketch. Then inside Sketchup you pick “Extension -> VR Sketch -> View cloud model”, you paste the URL of the model, you click “Go on Quest”, and you copy the 6-digits code. This sends the “view this model” command to the Quest device; Sketchup doesn’t remain connected to the Quest afterwards. So the procedure can be repeated several times with different Quest devices, until they will are all displaying the same model.

  2. Or, as you suggest, you can link your account to all Quest devices. I guess you already did this for the first Quest, so you just need to do it again for the 4 others: go to the “My models” page in the Quest, and copy the 4-digits temporary number you see there into (“Oculus Quest menu”). Then in each Quest you can see and pick a model from the list of models that have been uploaded by your account. There is no restriction (technical or license-based) to do that from multiple Quest devices at the same time.

When multiple people are seeing the same URL, they automatically see each other in VR. Their voices are transmitted, too; if it is not what we want, then each person can silence himself by clicking the B or Y button and picking the first option, “Mute”.

Also note that you have “Collaborative editing” as yet another option, which lets people edit a model live from one PC’s Sketchup by entering a 9-digits code on the Quest to join. This depends more essentially on the PC being present and running, but it might not really require more fiddling than the other options.

(We are aware that there are too many options to do something similar but not exactly equivalent; at some point in the future we might fix this.)

(Also note that right now, our web site has got certificate issues; we’re working on fixing that as soon as possible.)

Armin Rigo

This seems to me like a risky move. It’s a cool idea sure, but it distracts from your actual work. I would focus on having a good traditional presentation prepared first, and try to have some extra time at the end to see if any of them want to try out the VR experience. In which case you can get away with only one Quest.
Ultimately, if the professors would like to incorporate VR tours into their standard lesson plan, then they will need to get commercial grade headsets meant for a multi-user environment.

@arigo thanks a lot for your quick and clear reply. I will go for the second option. I indeed linked one Quest (the one I bought) already to my account. Linking the others to the same account the day of the presentation has the benefit I don’t have to fiddle with a PC during the presentation time (which is limited). With option 2 I should then be able to just turn on the Quests one by one, create a guardian, kick off VR sketch and hand them to each of the teachers.

@Christopher_Overbeck agree it’s not without risk but no risk no glory :slight_smile: This is the course with the highest weight in points/marks this year so it’s worthwhile trying to go the extra mile. I indeed do hope our teachers will look into VR and hopefully VR sketch if we manage to present well next week. Worst case we’ll have to fall back to an “ok” presentation. We have limited time to present and the design is a few city blocks, so if we want to leave them with some impression of being able to look at the maquette in the hall and walk around we have to give them some time (especially since we can’t assume they have any experience so there will be some learning curve).

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I still owe you all some feedback on this. I linked the rented devices to the account as suggested and it worked perfectly. It was a great succes. Thanks a lot !!!

Great to hear! :slight_smile: