Cannot Contact License Server

I bought license last week and I’ve been trying to validate my license key but it keeps showing [Cannot Contact License Server] message. My internet connection is pretty good. Perhaps could it be anything related to firewall and stuffs? Is there anyone facing the same problem or is it just me?? Please help…

I updated VRSketch yesterday and can no longer connect to the 3D Warehouse - I get a connection error. This could be related?

After the upgrade, Windows prompted me to grant VRSketch network permissions which I granted (including local network access).

Windows just updated itself with a bunch of security patches a day or so before the VRSketch update, so I wonder if it’s not playing nicely with this update.

Thanks, we just found and fixed a problem we had with HTTPS on the web site—again, because it seems to re-occur every few months. We will try to find another, more reliable solution…

It definitely fixed the 3D Warehouse problem, and it might also have fixed the original problem of Hein0066.