'Cannot Contact License Server'

Dear VR Sketch users,

I am writing to ask for your kind help for the issue ‘Cannot Contact License Server’ I met when sending my model to my VR headset. (I’ve renewed my license and pasted into the license dialog box, and clicked several times the ‘Check… and refrash…’.)

Kind regards,


that sounds bad - I did restart the server, can you please try again? You might want to check your firewall settings etc.


Thank you very much for this. And I’ve set vrsketch 17.0.9 (the version I currenty installed) passing the firewall. Unfortunately the issue is still there.

The VR Sketch extension inside Sketchup tries to contact http://api.vrsketch.eu/. I just tried myself again, and this works fine from here. I suspect your firewall is still denying Sketchup access to that URL. Maybe your firewall software denies all http URLs?

Problem solved. I re-made exceptions in the firewall setting for SketchUp and vrsketch. Thank you Maciej and Armin for your great help.