Cast shadows property

Hi so Sketchup has a handy feature to toggle cast shadows on each object
I noticed this property doesn’t get transferred to VR Sketch, so it would be nice to have it
For example, in my scene I disabled the shadows casted from the ceiling to have indoor shadows


Oh, that’s a nice usage of the “don’t cast shadows” property. I admit I didn’t really understand why people would want that. Yes, it’s easy to add support for it!

Armin Rigo

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Yep you can see an example of that here
Support would be great thanks

Implemented it. Now VR Sketch will follow SketchUp’s settings on groups and components for “casts shadows” and “receives shadows”. Not on individual faces, but that’s a limitation similar to not supporting layers on individual faces. In your case it would be easy to put the roof into its own group, and then toggle “casts shadows” on that group. Will be part of the soon-to-be-released version 16.0!

Very cool thanks for that

Version 16.0 is now (pre-)released.

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Nice I’ll try it soon