Collaboration on the cloud


Is it possible / would it be possible in the future for the collaboration models on the cloud to be edited by the people in the model. IE there is a sight line that a component or group is blocking for a party to pick this up and move it? (Currently at the moment it says this is locked in cloud view)

Thank you for creating such an incredibly useful piece of software I am loving the possibilities that this can bring.


Editing cloud models is a large amount of work for us, because we can’t rely on SketchUp to do the main part of the edit work. This is something that we are considering since a long time, together with becoming (optionally) independent of SketchUp, but we didn’t go far along that road yet.

For precisely your use case, maybe it would suffice to have a way to hide faces and groups? This would not have any effect on the saved model, but it would be visible in all people currently connected and viewing that model, similarly to the “Notes” tool in cloud models.

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This possibility also interests me, I am a teacher, I think that the use by students, in a group, would be of great value for teaching design.

Just tried collaboration for the first time, it’s tricky with the login etc, took some getting used to. Easiest way I found was to put Load both quests Into my cloud page and talk through which files to open.

Large files crash the quest app remotely when editing When sent from pc to quest. This is understandable, it isn’t powerful enough.

The ideal solution to editing is to have one user tethered to sketchup on pc who has editing ability.
I thought this would be possible by sending my file to quest to the remote user and then entering the model in vr on pc so I could edit around. Although this worked, the remote user had power to edit and I (tethered) was locked out of tools.

Is this Setup an option? Or am I setting up incorrectly?

Hi! No, there is no way at the moment to use multiple VR headsets with at least one of them having the option to edit the model.

You can use either the menu commands “Send to VR” / “Send to Oculus Quest”, where editing works on the current SketchUp model, but only with a single VR headset in addition to SketchUp itself; or you can use the cloud models, which are uploaded at one point in time and can then be viewed by several VR headsets simultaneously, but without receiving further changes from SketchUp and without editing capability.

I think that what you did was use “Send to Oculus Quest” and then opened a cloud model on the tethered VR. This indeed opens the cloud model as it was when it was sent, for viewing only, independently of giving editing access to the Quest for the model inside SketchUp. You can do the opposite too, with “Send to VR” on the PC and then opening the cloud model on the Quest, but this is likely not what you’re looking for either: the headset in which we view the cloud model displays the model as it was when it was uploaded to the cloud, and not the model as it continues to be modified in SketchUp.

There is no way to use multiple VR headsets all viewing or editing the model as it is currently in SketchUp. To do that, we need to rethink our approach. We may do so in the future; given the Oculus Quest success, we could approach this differently—for now it’s instead the approach that makes more sense for a tethered PC, and grafted on top of it we have the Quest support. Sorry about that, it ended up with some slightly-unusual login requirements and copying numbers around.