Color discrepency

Hey all, Just a quick question in that I’m curious if anybody has found a way to get the colors that you see in sketchup to translate better to the Oculus. I haven’t found a way to get walls to be white, normal looking laminate floors in Sketchup appear more orangish in VRSketch, etc.



If white appears orange, then make sure your oculus does not have night mode enabled. Or maybe it was called blue filter or something similar.

Hey Chris,

I’m still having the issue (hard to classify it as that) but curious if you can shed any more light on it for me…so colors outside of my model seem fine and within vr sketch they’re generally ok as well but what i’m trying to figure out is why the colors i see in headset aren’t the same as what i see in sketchup. for instance in sketchup walls of a house i designed are white whereas in vrsketch in oculus they have a grey to them. flooring i might add to the model looks like a normal light wood color in sketchup but in oculus in vrsketch they have a pink hue to them. I’m starting to do a little more work in the program and it would be really nice to be able to type in a RGB code for instance and have the produced color look correct in headset. Any thoughts on this? other than the color reproduction and the distracting movement/flicker of lines overall i’m really finding vrsketch to be super useful, just trying to iron out the hiccups.


The issue with the precise colors are very hard to quantify in general, because there is no universally accepted notion of how a given RGB color should look like. There are various attempts to improve but I think none that can take all parameters into account. For instance, how colors look like on your screen will likely depend on the external lights, whereas in the headset they typically don’t because the headset is a mask. Moreover, both Sketchup and VR Sketch don’t display walls by just applying the RGB value. If they did that, then you would see nothing. For example, assuming you turn off the edge display, then in a room with the same white material on all walls and ceiling and floor, you would only see a completely white screen. That’s why the color is made a bit darker depending on the angle. Moreover, in some configuration (e.g. on PC in the warehouse in “quality” display mode) then the computations are more advanced, e.g. the light reflected from the warehouse’s brown floor appears on downward-facing faces of your model. (In older versions of VR Sketch, there was a bug that made this pink-brown hue still appear even after you are out of the warehouse, giving a pink-brown tint to all your ceilings; this is fixed in recent versions.)

We can look into a precise example if you have one: please give us a small model and tell us exactly which hardware you are using, and which face of your model we should check for being quite different in Sketchup and in VR Sketch.