Complex dynamic component animation


I’ve noticed a couple of threads here about support for interaction animations within dynamic components. I’ve got a use case that is currently unsupported, shown below.

Swivel Desk

The (spreadsheet?) code for this probably qualifies as “complex” because of its use of the SIN and COS functions, which are used to keep the desk surface level as the brackets rotate. Here’s the configuration:

Am I right in my understanding that this type of animation is unsupported? If so, are there any workarounds that you could suggest?


Hi Mark!

The sin() and cos() functions are supported. The problem is different, and it took me a while to understand it. The problem is that the name “Shelf” of the subcomponent is the same as the end portion of the name “Desk Shelf” of the parent component. The reason is that the name “Desk Shelf!armLength” is parsed as “Shelf!armLength”, and there is no “armLength” on “Shelf”. I’ll fix it, but for now you can work around it by renaming either “Shelf” or “Desk Shelf” so that they no longer end with the same string.

Even SketchUp has got a bug in this case, as I found out trying to rename “Shelf” by double-clicking on the bold word “Shelf” in that configuration. If you do that, renaming “Shelf” to “XYZ”, then it will also replace the string “Desk Shelf!armLength” with “Desk XYZ!armLength”…

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Thank you! That fix did the trick!

Love the product, by the way! Well worth the price of admission :grin:


Version 16.0 is now (pre-)released with this bug fixed.