Controls not working on wireless via Virtual Desktop

Hi there. I’m trying to get VR Sketch working but am having problems with having no input on any of my controller buttons. I’m using Oculus Quest and Virtual Desktop to stream the regular version to my headset via Steam VR but it seems that buttons on my Oculus controllers are not mapped correctly when in VR mode. When launching games like this they usually detect the headset as Oculus Rift S. Is RIFT S supported? Does anyone have a similar experience? Is there a chance to fix this?

Rift S is supported, it work fine on mine at least, but I don’t know about Quest.

This configuration is tested but not via SteamVR. Instead the Quest (and the Rift) should work if you have the program “Oculus” running, but not SteamVR (and maybe not Steam either).

Hi there,

I’m also having this issue. Hopefully someone can help me out.

I’m streaming from my PC to the Quest 2 using Virtual Desktop. I am able to load the model into vrsketch but then I am stuck with what looks like the original Vive controllers in vrsketch. The only button that works is the grip button.

The comment above mentions that I should start vrsketch with Oculus software, however, I am not able to do this as Virtual Desktop automatically enables SteamVR & launches vrsketch via that- even when SteamVR & Steam are not running.

Is there any way of forcing vrsketch to load in Oculus instead of SteamVR while streaming to the Quest 2?


If I run my Quest and enable Oculus Link, I get a menu (generated by the computer) which includes a button “Virtual Desktop”. If I start VR Sketch from SketchUp running in this version of Virtual Desktop, then it seems to work fine. I think this “Virtual Desktop” is different from the “Virtual Desktop” that you are talking about. It should still give you a possible workaround to the problem.

I will keep trying to find a reliable way to reproduce the problem—I know I have run into a similar problem very occasionally, when for some reason VR Sketch connects to SteamVR instead of Oculus even if you have a Rift. I’ll try to see if I manage to reproduce the problem reliably without needing to buy a copy of Virtual Desktop just for that purpose.

Yes, I think the difference is that you are using Oculus link to connect to the PC.

What I’m trying to do is use the app “Virtual Desktop” and the Virtual Desktop streamer service which is installed on my PC to wirelessly stream from my PC to the Quest 2. So, in other words not having to use a link cable or any cable for that matter.

The problem is, when starting VRSketch through the Quest while using Virtual Desktop it automatically starts SteamVR & loads this version together with the Vive controller option which does not work with the Quest controllers. However, I can start VRsketch directly from my PC monitor using the Sketchup extensions shortcut but then it just loads up in a window on my monitor and not as a virtual world as it should do.

Maybe you never installed the “Oculus” application on your PC? I suspect that having it installed is necessary for VR Sketch when you run it directly from your PC monitor using the shortcuts from the SketchUp extension.

In other news, I found out a reliable way to reproduce your problem. I “fixed” it already by making the controllers at least work (even though they still show up with the wrong shape). You can try it out by clicking on this link. (It also contains a few other tweaks that may or may not be reverted from the next official release, notably changes to the Tape Measure tool.)

Thank you very much for your response and solution. I will try your fix later today.

In regards to your question about the Oculus software. I have had Oculus software installed on my PC since the DK1 days. So you could say I am a bit of a VR veteran. :slightly_smiling_face: