Cut and paste, and paste in place, follow me!

Hi Guys,

Firstly, thanks for VR Sketch, it’s a joy to use – you guys are definitely on the right track with this.

Are you planning to provide support for copy/cut and paste, paste-in-place? I know it’s possible to make a component, delete and then deploy the component, and then explode it, but that’s a bit of a faff!

And what about the follow me tool? It would be amazing to have that, then I’ll never need to leave VR to complete a model!

Thanks again for a wonderful product

Thanks! About “follow me”, it is available, in the “Extrude” tool. It works a bit like push/pull, but you can extrude in any direction and also select a complete path.

About copy and paste, yes, you’re right that it’s already possible but annoying. We never quite got a nice enough idea about how it should work and what functionality is essential in VR or can be left out, given that there are already ways to do some of the copy/paste. Maybe all we need is “cut” and “paste-in-place”, which would be only useful to change the group in which the selection is.

Thanks for your reply. I tried the Extrude tool and thought it was simply a multi-pull/push with ability to change direction. Extruding along a path sounds really helpful, so I’ll give that a go. Is it possible to “subtract” shapes from a path within geometry as the follow-me tool can?

On the cut/paste, you’re right – I find the only time I find myself wishing I had copy and paste is moving stuff around the group hierarchy. I.e. you’ve several levels into a group and you want to take something out of the group, or make it higher up within the group hierarchy. Once something is outside of a group, using the move/copy tool is fine, but to add it to another group create the component trick.


I would be happy with simply a Cut and Paste-in-Place to solve all of those issues.

The extrude/follow path tool of VR Sketch is indeed not as complete as SketchUp’s. I think you can get results similar to but it’s a little bit more work: first, draw the shape to repeat, but not on the border: put it in the middle of an edge. Then repeat around the path, in five steps instead of four (the first half-edge, three full edges, and the final half-edge). Finally, you don’t get the automatic removal of edges or faces; you’ll have to remove the extra stuff manually afterwards. But otherwise, it should be possible.

Thanks for the feedback about “cut + paste-in-place”. I’ll try to make it in the next version. Just released 10.1 now!

Armin Rigo

I literally signed up here to ask about this essential feature.

As for how it should be implemented its quite easy.

I made a group/component and then i wanted to bring another component into it.

Easy way would be.

  1. From anywhere select the object you want to cut/copy. click the menu and there should always be an option to cut and an option to copy.
  2. Open any group or component. open menu and there should be 2 options
    - 1) Paste
    - 2) Paste in Place

Another optional way would be while inside a group you could use the laser tool to select an object outside of the group and open a menu and say pull inside current group.

Hi! We have released recently VR Sketch 11, which contains minimal commands in the “Eraser” context menu: only “Cut” and “Paste in place”. We’ll see if there is demand for more, but I think the idea of pasting multiple copies at various places is better done as it already is, e.g. you start with one object and copy it around using one of the existing tools (move, rotate, or freehand move).

Thanks for the idea about laser-selecting things from outside the group. That may not work if you want to move edges, but maybe that’s a rare case.

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