Download a model back to SketchUp

is it possible to download the cloud model back in sketchup like a 3D model

Hi! Sorry, no. The model stores only the subset of information that VR Sketch uses, and not a complete copy of the original .skp file.

It might be possible—but isn’t implemented so far—to write a Sketchup extension that reads the cloud model’s file and convert it back into a Sketchup model. There are many corner cases to get right, and you’re the first one to ask for it, so it’s unlikely we will do it ourselves. We can provide the documentation of the file format we use, though, so if you absolutely need your model back, you could consider hiring someone to do it for you. Alternatively (but not immediately) we might eventually make a version of VR Sketch that is less tightly integrated with Sketchup; this version might come with a way to load the current cloud models, and also to export data into some common file format like .obj or something; so you would have a way to get the data back in at least some format.

Or something else will occur, e.g. we find a nice web viewer to view cloud models which works with files in some simple format, so we write the necessary conversion code and then you’d have a button to get the file in that format too.