Dynamic component question. limit scale handles?

Hi there.

I have a dynamic component that can only scale in one direction, snaps to every 40mm increment and has a repeating texture. can’t seem to get this working in VR. should this be working or not?

bit of a deal breaker (so to speak) for me if this can’t work.


Indeed, this is not directly supported. I may be partially and indirectly supported—for example, after you scale the component, SketchUp’s own logic should kick in and round the scale to a multiple of 40mm, and rearrange the texture. But I’m not sure: maybe the Ruby API we’re using bypasses the “dynamic component” logic for doing this. If you want, we’d be happy to investigate and add better support for your kind of component, if you can provide us with a sample .skp file (to info@baroquesoftware.com).