Enter directly inside the model

Hi! I am starting to get along with VR, and whenever i open a skp file from the warehouse, i see it like “under” me, is there any easy way to set preview of the model in front of my or in any other position in the space of the warehouse? My goal is to use the visor with other people, and semplify he way they get INTO the model, i dont know, is it anyway to open a file and be inside it directly instead of teleporting inside? Thanks!

You can give your clien the headset and then controll their point of view by placing then in the environment using the VR Sketch tool. They will then get a 1:1 view.

Are you talking about an specific tool? Because I am already using VRsketch, that’s why I’m asking here :yum:


And I did you one better:
Here is a video I quickly pulled together. :wink:

you are great! thank you!

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Wow its so simple but it didntt tought the idea of giving the client just the headset, genius! Thank you so much, i let you know my advances

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