Error Loading Cloud Models


My daughter and I have been using VR Sketch for her school projects for several months. It is awesome. We have experienced a problem that started yesterday when we try to load a cloud model. The model does not load and we get a network error message superimposed on the virtual controllers on both hands. Next to the model it has a comment: Got so far 0 B. The tablet will disappear and you have to exit the program.

We are running VR Sketch and Sketchup 2021.0 and using a Oculus Quest 2. The system works if we send the model directly to the Oculus, but not from a cloud model. We can upload new models to the cloud and see them in VR Sketch on the tablet, but cannot open them. The account says that it is connected on the bottom of the tablet in the program and we had a good connection to the internet. The Demo models will also not load. Up until this point we have been successfully publishing models to the cloud and using them for months.

Oops! It was a crash in the cloud server. This is fixed now. Sorry about that!

Thank you a lot for reporting the problem.