Examples of dynamic components and interactive objects

I’ve created some basic examples of interactive dynamic objects and shared them on the 3D Warehouse, marked with VR Sketch, so you can easily find them.


These examples include classic doors, sliding doors, rotating objects, and sliding objects.

To create your own interactive objects, you can make a position or rotation value interactive by using dynamic strings on the component or group. Use the format ANIMATE("VAR", MIN, MAX) .

For example, to animate rotation on the Y-axis from 0 to 360 degrees, use ANIMATE("RotY", 0, 360) .

I’m curious about what else we can do! Do you have any examples in the 3D Warehouse or similar resources to share?

Is there an option for gravity and colliders? Maybe even a grab component? As you can tell, I’m dreaming big! :sweat_smile: