Feature Request: Replace Component

Wish there was a Replace Component feature in the Select options! I want to use it to replace existing components (e.g. a party table) with other components I have in my project (e.g. dinner table). This feature is available in Sketchup but I haven’t found it in VR Sketch.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEOjgfafujw&t=276s&pp=ygUQc2tldGNodXAgcmVwbGFjZQ%3D%3D

Hi! Good point. This will be added in the next release! Not in the Select menu, but in the menu in the list of components (in the Settings dialog, page Components). This is also what Sketchup does, and is more natural because you might want to take a component instance (selected in your model) and replace it with a component definition that may have no instances so far.

That’s great! Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. Do you know approximately when the next release will come out?

No, but maybe in 1-2 weeks? In case it takes longer, I can also post here an intermediate version for you to try out the new feature. Do you need the PC VR version or the Quest version or Pico VR version?

Awesome - that’s sooner than I expected haha! It’d be an enormous help if you can post an intermediate version here. I’m using the Quest 2 right so I’ll need a Quest version.

Here you are (it’s a beta version so I called it 18.0.5BETA, but the internal version number is still at 18.0.4):


You need to install the first file inside Sketchup as usual:

  • Open Sketchup
  • In the top menu bar click on “Window” then click on “Extension Manager”
  • In the bottom left click “Install”
  • Navigate to where you downloaded the “.rbz” file. Select it and click “Install”

Then you need to install the APK on your Quest 2. That is a little bit more complex: see https://vrsketch.eu/docs-getting-started-quest.html section “Installation without using the App Lab”.

Visible changes in this beta version from the previous official release:

  • in the list of components, added menu options “select instances” and “replace selected”, like in Sketchup
  • in recent versions of Sketchup we can choose the general units “Decimal” but still pick “Feet” or some other non-decimal measurement for some units. Support that.
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Thank you sooo much! I tried it and it works; VR Sketch has become so much more useful to me with this feature. Truly appreciate you for following up on this!