Feature Request

I have at least 3 features I would like to request if possible?
#1 is there a way to create a “rally to presenter feature”. lets say I have 1 main presenter, and 3 viewers in Collaborative mode. Each viewer goes of to explore deferent areas of the model. I command to bring everyone close to the presenter would be helpful, or “rally” back a common point set by the main presenters position. In almost every case, my viewers have never used the software before. They can easily get lost or trapped in parts of the model that is difficult to talk them back to where I need them to be.
#2 the ability to define what areas can be walked on/ teleported to and what cannot. Often my customers will end up on a roof, cabinet top or somewhere I don’t need them to be. Maybe a custom layer in Sketchup, or a material that would specify if the surface is walkable.
#3 I would like to see a guest account that would allow me to build a model, share it with a customer to view on there own headset anytime they wanted without a subscription. It would only allow one model to load on one headset and not need the ability to edit. It would be very similar to say a viewer only app for Sketchup models.
#4 the ability to create a permanent guardian boundary that would be bigger than the Quest 2 boundary, and always be in the same location each time. Think of warehouse size area rather than a 12’x12’ area. I realize that be more on the hardware side , but just throwing it out there.
Thanks for the great software and all the effort to get it there.

Greg Hale
Home Design Drafting

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Hi Greg,

#1 That’s a good idea. I agree that we should indeed add this feature.

As a general rule, we’re thinking about adding some mode in which people can’t accidentally edit the model, like having a button in the settings dialog box that disables editing for everybody else (and someone that knows the program can still open the same dialog box and re-enable editing for themselves). The “rally to me” feature could be a button next to that.

#2 I see the point, but it might be either a lot of work for you to set up your whole model correctly, or a lot of work for us to create a really good interface for setting it up. A priori, your idea to tag the materials as “walkable” or not looks like a reasonable compromise.

#3 If the guests are using a standalone Quest-like headset, it is already the case that they don’t need a license. They need it for PC VR, though I’ll admit that’s more an inconsistency than a design decision; we should revisit that point.

#4 That’s something we can’t easily control and that should be solved at the OS level, not inside a specific application like VR Sketch. As far as I know, the Quest 2 has a limit of 10m x 10m. I have no idea why there is such a limit—a situation I often find myself in with Meta. In theory you could manually go into your Quest settings and disable the boundary (it’s in a menu like “Developer”), but then we would need to make our own boundary calibration system and ask you to calibrate again every single time you put the headset on. That’s quite some work for us and not really a good solution for you.

Armin Rigo

Another approach would be to add “exclusion volumes”, like invisible boxes. The teleport tool would not allow teleporting to target points that are inside such boxes. You would place exclusion volumes inside rooms, going almost but not quite from floor to ceiling. This would disallow teleporting on top of a chair or table.

It would not immediately help in all cases, e.g. you could still teleport to the floor under the table and end up “inside” the table.