First impressions - using Samsung Odyssey


My first impressions about vr sketch are very positive.
It’s very easy to install: wou download, install and… Voilà! Ready to test the app in less than 5 minutes.

On first sight, i had the feeling of a lack of commands but learning navigating the menus I discovered all the tools I need to sketch with efficiency.

The most appreciated features:
-perfect sync between vr and traditional sketchup use;
-sense of scale;
-switching between allocentric point of view (like a physical model) to egocentric/immersive point of view by teleporting and scaling in/out;
-sketching with the two hands instead of a single one with a mouse. Very powerful: we can sketch with the same command in both hands or choosing two different commands at the same time.

It will be perfect using a tetherless hmd for giving even more freedom. Working both in VR and AR mode could be great. I hope it will come very soon.

Some improvements I suggest:
-icon menus are too big and too close. It will be great giving the user the way to choose distance and size of the commands;
-link to 3d models warehouse improving components integration;
-voice support alternative for naming blocks/components or for input values (distance, angles, scale,…)


Luís Miguel Pinto Gonçalves
Assistant Professor of Architecture - ULB (Brussels)

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Hi, thanks for the comments!

A quick note: there is experimental support for voice input already, at least if you’re running Windows 10. You can say things like “three point five meters”. Only for distances so far.