Fix needed for Sketchup 2024

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A quick note: VR Sketch is not working properly with the newly released Sketchup 2024. We are aware of it and will release a fix soon. This is the same issue as many other extensions face: a commonly used method was removed from the File class in the updated Ruby version. See for example this post.

Armin Rigo

Here is the candidate VR Sketch 20.0.1 for PC/Mac. It should be equal to 20.0.0 with two differences:

  • It fixes the issue with Sketchup 2024–at least enough to start up successfully. Please report if you encounter other issues.

  • It downgrades the version of Unity back to the one used in VR Sketch 18, as an attempt to fix a different issue that a user reports on a machine with some admin/non-admin account combination where VR Sketch 19 and 20 don’t start at all.

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Armin Rigo

Will this fix brake the app for us on perpetual classic 2021 licences?

(Aka still running v.2021)

No, it should run anywhere. I only tested this candidate on Sketchup 2024 right now, but it will be tested on Sketchup 2017 too (and others) before being made official.

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Released VR Sketch 21 for PC VR with the fixes above and the current set of new features. I’ll talk about it more on the official release page, but it will come a bit later, together with the Quest and Pico versions.

For now, see the updated download button on