Flickering on Oculus Rift S

The plugin works great except for annoying flickering of geometry. A couple months ago there was no flicker but today I started up and It was non-stop. I saw someone mention anti-alias but I don’t know what that is or how to control it. Grateful for your help.

Hi Christopher,

“Anti-aliasing” is a technique which has the effect of smoothing (notably) the black lines that are the edges of all the geometry. It is always on on PC, and always off on Quest, making a flickering effect. Were you running the PC VR two months ago but the Quest-installed version now? That would be the single most visible difference, indeed. We’re trying to fix the Quest version but that’s not so easy—as a very rough guideline, we can assume an entry-level PC equipped for VR provides 5 times more computing power than a Quest 2.

If I’m wrong and that’s not the problem you’re having, then maybe it’s a bug that appears in your configuration. What version of VR Sketch is that? And is that on PC or on Quest? Is the newly found problem appearing because you updated the version of VR Sketch, or just randomly? It sadly often helps to just reboot your computer (or Quest) and try again—VR is quite unstable from a system-level software point of view. Does this help? If not, we’ll need more information in order to understand what exactly you are seeing. Is there a chance you can record a video? Either a video of your screen with the VR Sketch window open; or a video recorded in VR directly (assuming the problem is visible there)—use the photo/video tool on the bottom, left-most icon; or, on Quest, use the system-wide video recording feature.

Armin Rigo

Hi Armin,

I’m using Oculus Rift S on Sketchup 2020 using VR Sketch 15. I’m using the PC version, not the Oculus version.

I’ll try recording on the Rift S if I can find the photo/video tool. The VR Sketch window on the PC was only showing the loading screen while I was working with the model so it might not tell you much.

Thanks so much for your assistance.