Fredo Animator - Animating Objects

Hello. I use Fredo Animator to animate objects. For example a car going down the road.
I noticed when I play the scene on my Mac it doesn’t mirror on VR sketch. Is there any way where we could make the animated objects animate in VR Sketch as well?


That’s unlikely, sorry. It might be a lot of integration work, and it may be close-to-impossible to do unless the Fredo developers document how their extension stores data. And in the end it only benefits those users that use this particular Sketchup extension; that’s why we don’t usually support 3rd-party extensions. As an exception, there are a few things in VR Sketch that were requested by our users with an Entreprise license. If you want, we can look into Fredo Animator in more details, provided some agreement like you would switch your license to Entreprise.

Note that we support the standard Dynamic Component animations, so maybe you can convert some Fredo animations to standard Dynamic Component animations? It should be possible, but not necessarily easy.

A bientôt,
Armin Rigo

Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to make an object float around around a certain path in the room while is Passthrough mode. So just wondered if this was an option.
Thank you.