Free viewer/client subscription?

I don’t mind paying for a subscription… but my client who only want to view my models mind.

Is their any plan of making a free viewer subscription that clients can use to simply view a model? With no need to run SketchUp locally and all the editing tools locked of?

Because Sketchup viewer just released an update for Quest that can be used with free accounts, but it would be awesome to be able to Collab over the internet using VR sketch.


Our Quest application is free for your clients. It can be used to view any cloud model previously uploaded from the VR Sketch extension in Sketchup (they need to open the URL of the model in a browser, and enter the 6-digit code that appears when they start VR Sketch on their Quest). They can also use the collaborative mode to edit a model shared by someone else (you) from a live Sketchup. In both of these cases, we require a license for the person with Sketchup, but not one for each additional Quest client.

Armin Rigo


Cool. I was not aware. I’ll try it out.