Future feature? - Raytracing



Discovered VR Sketch last week and absolutely loving it so far. Was wondering if the dev team are anticipating Unity’s raytracing hitting the main build later this year and having any plans of introducing a ray tracing feature? Obviously would require significant hardware but would be a great way to get sketchup models looking even better.

Keep up the great work!



We haven’t spend a lot of efforts into visual effects, like better lights or better materials, because that’s not the main point of VR Sketch. (We’re also a bit thin on the necessary knowledge, as we’re not from the game industry ourselves.) Improvements would be necessary here, in order to get a significantly nicer result.

I don’t know yet what advantages a ray-traced approach has got in our context. I realize that the following is not exactly what you have in mind: ray-tracing is usually seen as an expensive way to get stunning high-quality renderings. But it might actually offer a performance benefit in our case, at equal quality. Technically, if you load a complex model you get very heavy “overdraws” right now. This means that, very roughly, rendering is twice as slow if the model is twice as big. But with ray-tracing it might not be the case, and we could render very big models at a reasonable performance. The main limit would then be the amount of CPU and GPU memory.