Hand tracking with dynamic components

Hi there!
Thank you for the beautiful VR Sketch.
I wonder if I can interact with dynamic components such as doors, sliders etc. without controllers. Is it possible with hand tracking feature?
Thank you in advance!

Hi! Thanks for the comments.

You can’t interact with dynamic components with your hands, for now. I think it could be fixed relatively easily, though. I’ll write it down in the “to-do” list. I’ll also let you know when it’s done, in case you’d like to try it with a beta version.

Armin Rigo

Thank you for the quick respond.
I will be happy to get beta version. I think it will be very useful feature.
Thank you in advance!

Here is the beta. You can point the teleport beam to a dynamic component and it activates its animation instead of teleporting. I tried to also give it the ability to move your hand inside the component and drag it along, like with the controller’s normal teleport tool, but that doesn’t work well enough in my opinion—a combination of “you keep loosing hand tracking and it stops” and the fact that with the teleport tool, this option is more useful if you can easily zoom out, because in many cases you want to drag the components a little bit more than just a limited distance, which is what you’d get with the imprecise hand tracking.

Thank you so much! I can check it in a week, I am in business trip now.