HIDDEN attribute with dynamic components

Hello everyone. I am a client who uses Vr Sketch and I must say that it is currently the best there is when it comes to Sketchup in VR.
However, I have this need which is VITAL for me. In my sketchup models I have several components on which clicking on them, through the dynamic components, activates the click event in correspondence of which there is an instruction of the type SET (ov1! Hidden, 0,1) where ov1 is an example of another entity present in the same room which is initially invisible and which is made visible. Unfortunately in VR with Vr Sketch this mechanism does not work, I also tried to use ANIMATE instead of SET but to no avail. I know that with ANIMATE you can only manage the rotx, roty, rotz and x, y, z attributes but for me it would be really important that the HIDDEN attribute was also managed. How can I solve?
I trust in your skill. Thanks

(Already replied by mail, copying it here if other people are interested.)

As a quick and dirty solution, you can use ANIMATE (or SET I think) to move the object out of sight (either behind a wall, or just very far away).

A full implementation of the HIDDEN attribute is not obvious, because if a group happens to be hidden in SketchUp then it’s not sent at all to VR Sketch, and so we can’t show it during an animation. I have written it down on our to-do list, but it might take a while until we do the necessary internal refactoring. (FWIW, it’s the same reason for another minor problem: when we pick a component in the component list to add to the model, we can’t show a green copy of the component while you place it; we have to show only an empty box, because the new component’s geometry might not have been sent to VR Sketch so far.)