Hidden Support for Onclick DCs


First of all, thanks for providing such a great platform to view Sketchup Models in VR.

It would be really great if I could enter a model with VR and interact with a fixture or fitting and cycle through options.

For example I have a Kitchen Tap Dynamic Component that has an onclick, hidden function that will show a different tap each time it is clicked on. Enter VR and use controller to select the tap and cycle through the hidden objects.

The other item that would be amazing is if you could interact with an item such as a bench top and select a material from a list for the bench top.

Are these at all possible to implement into VR Sketch?

Hi Lucas!

So far, we support dynamic components only for animations (movements or rotations); so the most complex parts of the logic are already done. It would be a relatively simple extension to cover material changes and showing/hiding objects. There are a few internal issues so it hasn’t been done so far, but it is certainly possible.

If you want to select a different material and apply it to a bench top, it’s already possible of course, in an unconstrained form—you see all the materials in the model and all of Sketchup’s prebuilt materials, and you can apply them to anything (assuming you are not using the “view cloud model”, which is read-only). But I guess you meant more cycling among three or four materials for a specific dynamic component.

Armin Rigo

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