How to keep a model locked in VR

I have a model that is locked in SketchUp but is still edible while in VR. How do I keep the model Locked in VR

I don’t know how you would lock the entire model. Maybe you mean that you have a locked component, like described here, and you’d like it to be locked in VR too?

Exactly like that and yes locked as well in VR

You cannot open a locked component in recent versions of VR Sketch. Maybe you’re talking about an older version? Please make sure to try with the latest release (version 13.1). Or maybe you’re saying that in SketchUp a locked component is immediately visible by having a red border (instead of a blue one) when selected. Indeed in VR Sketch you don’t have such a visual feedback. But you cannot open it for editing anyway. When you try, you get a message showing up on top of the controller.

I can move a SketchUp locked group while in VR -13.1. Does it matter if it is a group or component?

Ah! Sorry, I see now. I didn’t actually realize that locked groups and components couldn’t be moved, rotated, painted, etc. in SketchUp. I thought it would only prevent the user from opening them and editing their content.

Thanks for pointing it out! This will be fixed in the next release of VR Sketch.

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I’d also like to point out that locked objects can currently be deleted in VR, which is annoying, especially when i want to delete an object on the terrain and end up deleting the entire (locked) terrain model.
I assume you don’t give out ETAs for upcoming releases of VR sketch? Very excited for the next one.

Yes, locked groups and components (at least) should not be editable any more now. It will be part of the next release. As SketchUp doesn’t prevent us from editing them from Ruby code, it requires us to go and systematically check for locked groups manually, so we may have missed a particular operation on a locked group that should not be allowed.

Are you interested in getting a pre-release version? We have no problem making them available to people. (If so, do you need the PC/Mac or the Oculus Quest version?)

I would love the Beta. Im running a class with VR sketch and the students keep moving the site model by accident. PC/ HTC Vive Pro…Also if there was a way to give some opacity to the box around the object while placing components. Right now its solid green and it makes it really tough to place large models at 1st person eye level.

Can you give some more details? There are many different situations in which we can be “placing components” and they don’t all display the same thing. For example, if you use the Move tool and move a component, then it will be displayed as a box only if it would take too much time to build its shape; if it isn’t, then it’s displayed as its content. Placing a new component from the warehouse is a different example again. So unsure in which case you are exactly. Do you want more transparency? Or instead you are in a case where only the frame around the box is displayed and you would like more displayed?

Note also the general rule: if you have troubles working with large components, you need to scale down the whole model, by pressing the Grip button on both controllers.

I will grab a screen shot today but I’m specifically having issue while at human eye level placing a large tree from components. I select the component I want to place from the component menu and it is a huge green box that is 0% transparent. Since I’m at eye level I’m forced to stand inside that green box and I cant see my surroundings. There needs to be a way to adjust the opacity of that green box so i can see through it much like how the blue selection box is semi transparent. I know this topic needs its own thread but thanks for answering.

OK, I see what you mean. I’ve made that box semi-transparent.

Here is the beta, with this change and all others discussed here:

Thank You. I will give it a try.