I would like to use Vive bindings rather than the Index bindings


After a lot of consideration, I think I prefer the original controller bindings that I experienced when I first started using VR Sketch. I have a Valve Index and I find the Index-specific bindings grip isn’t quite right for me. It’s quite often that I don’t grip hard enough and end up not doing what I want to do, or my grip loosens half way through and scaling stops. I much preferred the original way of doing it which was to use the B buttons I think.

I’ve tried to change the bindings in Steam VR and whatever I do they don’t seem to take effect. There doesn’t appear to be a place in VR Sketch where I can set the controller bindings either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?



Sorry, I know that the SteamVR bindings page is confusing and a bit buggy. But we are using SteamVR to set the default settings, so it works at least a bit.

Note that the B button should open the context menus, which are essential when you really want to use VR Sketch. So that would be a problem. Maybe you should try to tweak how far the grip button must be pressed before it is detected? This should be changeable in SteamVR too (…if it works).

Thanks for the reply.

When I first started using VR Sketch, I think it was the case that the specific bindings for Index didn’t exist and instead I got Vive bindings instead.

I’m pretty sure it was the case that pressing both B keys together activated the scale option. Maybe it was the case that pressing just one of the B keys activated the tool menu, I can’t remember. Have I just misremembered this?

I’ll persevere with the Steam bindings panel to see if I can change it back to Vive bindings. VR Sketch doesn’t show up in the list of applications until it’s running, so maybe I’ll have to figure out a way of registering it with Steam first.