Improved Laser support

I like the laser because in my larger models I dont have to move as much to select things

however it doesn’t work for other tools. What I would love to see is a way to use the move tool and select what to move via laser.(move is just one example I would like this with pretty much every tool)

I almost think that choosing between direct interaction and laser should be some sort of button click instead of a menu, so that it’s more intuitive.

Let’s take the move tool: the problem is that once you have chosen what to move, how do you move it? With a laser too? In that case we’re going to need rules for how far along the depth of the laser you really mean. This is similar to SketchUp on a screen: all interactions in the 3D space are done with the 2D mouse, and there are many rules to guess how “deep” in the screen you mean. There is no such logic in VR Sketch so far, and it goes a bit against the idea.

To understand what I mean, start with a model with a large object far away, in VR. Select the object with the laser selection tool. Switch to the move tool. You can now use it to move the object—click on empty space to start, and move the controller around. But it doesn’t really work because the big, far object only moves as much as your controller does, i.e. one or two meters. We’d need laser-based moves, and then we’d need all the rules to guess which 3D position we mean from the laser.

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Yeah i figured as much, luckily i’m not as disturbed by this as I prefer to move things physically whenever possible. But that usually means i have to bend down and get on the floor to use the push pull tool from the ground.

I usually just do the lazy thing and pull the world up in that case. :slight_smile:

Yes, pulling the world up is how it’s supposed to work :slight_smile:

You mentioned elsewhere that you prefer to work always at 1:1 scale; that’s fine, but after a bit of getting used to, then you could also consider changing the scale more fluidly. For example, if you do some design that involves using push/pull from the ground up, it probably means that you’re designing things that are at least 1-2 meters large. In your situation, what I would do is reduce the scale instead of pulling the ground up—the ground becomes reachable as well by the change in scale, and it is easier to design things on a 2-meters block if the block is first reduced to 50 centimeters.

Of course, it all depends on the kind of models you’re usually dealing with. In the architecture space, you are often designing at the house scale, so such an approach is really needed. It might be different in other domains, though.

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What? I though that’s why you added quest support , so I could pull out the ladder and climb to the roof when pulling something that high. :rofl:

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