Incompatible headset


I am using an oculus rift and the program keeps saying I have an incompatible headset - any ideas what could be causing this? my Headset works fine with other programs.



the actual message is “no compatible headset selected” I am using an oculus rift and it would on all my other programs


this is very frustrating - Oculus works with all my other programs but this one. I am using windows 7 and I am using an HDMI adapter - my graphics card only has DVI - D connectors not typical HDMI ports and I am using windows 7 - any solutions?



Sorry, we can’t guess what is wrong in your case. Maybe it is actually Windows 7? We never tested VRSketch on Windows 7, so it is not impossible that we’re using somewhere an API that is only present since Windows 8.

Also, I know that all your other programs work, but recently Oculus has been saying that the minimum version is Windows 10.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will see if I can get my tech support to upgrade my windows. I love the program and would love to try it out. Thanks