Interactive doors/windows


Is there a simple way to put interactive doors into my Sketchup file? I know it is possible to use Dynamic Components to make doors rotate and slide in VR Sketch. I only find it difficult to manually add the attributes to each door, because when I copy a door, the door axle doesn’t move along. This way I have to change each doors attributes.
Is there a more simple way or an extension to open program doors which can be opened in VR Sketch? Or maybe I am making the Dynamic Component doors the wrong way :confused:

It would be such an improvement for the immersion of the model.
Thanks in advance!

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I think that the standard answer for that question in Sketchup is that you’re supposed to use two levels of grouping. Imagine that you have both the door and the door frame. You make a (dynamic) component that is the actual door. Then, outside that component, you add the door frame. Then you put all of that—the frame, plus the actual door component—inside a top-level group. In order to configure the dynamic behavior of the actual door, you open the top-level group for editing. But in order to copy the door around, you make copies of the top-level “door + door frame” group.

The movement of the dynamic component inside the top-level group should remain the same after you move it around, because the door axle, despite being outside the dynamic component, is inside the top-level group.

The same idea applies even if you don’t want any door frame at all; it’s just a bit more obscure. But you need a top-level group, and put inside it the dynamic component (and maybe no door frame).

Armin Rigo

Hi Arigo,

Trying it right now! Thanks for the fast answer. I wasn’t sure if this would be fixable in skp itself…