Is it possible for a single user to control the section plane of the other participants?

If there is a way to have a single person control the section planes of the other participants, it could contribute to the use of VRSketch in architecture teaching classrooms.

The section plane tool is great, but it requires some mastery of the controls, and for many beginning students this isn’t so easy.

In a class it is very important that the teacher defines where to pass the cut, so that all students can see exactly the same place.

Something similar happens if the architect is presenting a project to a client who is not used to VR.

So I think it would be very positive to have the option to control the section plan by just one user.
Your plugin is amazing!!

Thank you! Yes, you’re right that there are many use cases for a single, shared section plane. The real question is if the current behavior is sometimes useful too; I tend to think it is not. It could be configurable, but too many options go in the way of usefulness too, e.g. if you get some unexpected behavior and don’t remember where the corresponding option was or that there was an option at all. So I guess we’ll try to go with always sharing the section plane between participants.


It should be done. I can give you a development version of VR Sketch to test it out yourself. Do you use the standalone Oculus Quest headset, or one connected to a PC?

Yes it would be great!
Forgive my delay.

I use a standalone Quest.

Here it is! Installation instructions are at the end of - “Installation without using the App Lab”.

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