Laser.js not showing in VR

I was very excited by the new point cloud function as Norway releases free laser data of pretty much everywhere. I was hoping that it would let me model in VR based on point cloud information, e.g place out trees accurately or make terrain profile lines to generate a toposurface. However, I can’t make the point cloud show up in VR. I renamed the .laz to .las, converted to .js using potree (generating a bunch of subfolders), and open load in Vr sketch - but the model seems inchanged. there could be something wrong with the format, location etc.Any idea what it could be? also, do you have any “example.js” I could test with?

One problem could be that the point cloud is far off-center. Try to exit the initial studio (just use the teleporter once). Then try to zoom out a lot and see if you can find the point cloud in this way. If it is topographic, it might consist of just one point every few meters. That won’t be visible unless you zoom out enough.

Otherwise, it’s probably a format issue, but I can’t really tell you more. You can see the data (either the one you’re trying to use, or many smaller examples) by using CloudCompare ( I would recommend to load a small example in CloudCompare, use that tool to convert to .las if needed, and then use Potree to turn it into the .js/subfolder format accepted by VR Sketch to check if it shows up like it does in CloudCompare.