Leap Motion Orion/Pimax Support

I was wondering since you have partial hand tracking support on quest if you could port the hand tracking to the desktop for use with Leap Motion,

I have a Pimax headset with Leap motion Orion hand tracking, they have an sdk here


Hi Trevor

We don’t have access to either of those devices and while they look incredibly interesting, they are also very expensive!

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True, i’ve posted over on their forums urging them to get you a dev kit, who knows maybe it might spark something.
(Edit: The COO of Pimax responded so that’s a good sign)


I must say I’m quite a bit humbled by the community support here. This is a commercial product, true, but we are also a small company with essentially 1.5 person, it’s great to hear people find our product useful!

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Honestly I’ve been wanting a proper VR modelling solution since 2016 and I have loved sketchup since 2012 so this product is a match made in heaven.

And I know at least a few members of the Pimax forums who share my opinion.

This program is a hidden VR Gem and my only fear is that you guys get discovered and get huge and then this product becomes too expensive for hobbyists like myself to use like other software.

Selfishly I would hope it stays in this indie state forever, but realistically I just hope than when you get famous you don’t leave us poor hobbyists behind. :grinning:,