Line color by material

Is it possible to have models in hmd render the line color vs all black?

Thanks in advance

Hi! No, at the moment you can’t change the color of the edges, they are always black (or green if you open a group and they are not part of that group; or completely invisible if you choose to).

If you want, we could add an option to change the color of all edges at once. If you want instead to configure the color of individual edges, that would be more involved; not impossible but harder.

We usually try to give an experimental version here with this kind of new feature. Do you want the PC VR version (for Meta Quest Link or for other headsets), or do you want the standalone Quest version?

ah i ya, i use individual line coloring in my models as mark up etc so one color would be same as black etc With skectup you can toggle etc Thanks for quickly replying, much appreciated

How are you coloring edges? Is it using the Styles settings, Edge page, Color: “By Material”, and then applying materials to edges?

That isn’t a well-known feature of Sketchup according to forum posts—and I had to look it up myself, too. There is no support for it in VR Sketch so far. I can add it to our to-do list, but it might not be done soon. If it gets done, I’ll announce it in this forum’s posts!

Thank you! Yes i use that pull down in Edit ‘by material’. I assumed it’s odd use case, I use to denote egocentric or inverse axis for markup. Or highlighting something in plans then overriding with all etc Much appreciate you giving it thought if you see opportunities. This a great tool being built!