Measurement Tool Units

Hello, Is there a way to change the tape measure settings from MM to Inches? Thanks!

Hi! All the units in VR Sketch should follow (part of) the settings from Sketchup: Window menu, Model Info, Units. This depends on the model you are editing. Can you check and change the units there, i.e. in Sketchup?

Hello Armin, I just emailed but thought I’d share here for anyone else that bumps into this.

I just looked at the Units as you suggested. My engineer was modeling in inches but had “Decimal” Selected. To trouble-shoot I changed this back to “Architectural” as I typically model in and now the tape measure units are shown correctly in the VR model. Seems that when Decimal is selected it changes the units on the headset to mm.

Thanks for your quick response!


Ah, I see now that this dialog box changed a little bit in recent versions of Sketchup. In the old Sketchup we originally based VR Sketch on (2017), the user is only given the choice of Decimal vs. Architectural vs. Engineering vs. Fractional. He cannot choose Meters or Inches independently. That’s why VR Sketch still picks meters/millimeters as soon as Decimal is selected. I’ll try to fix that.

No problem at all - I’ll use that work-around to keep me moving forward until there is a fix. I appreciate the help!