Measurements in standalone mode

I’ve been using VR Sketch to design a house and it’s helpful for me to share the VR with my contractor. One incredibly useful thing would be for him to be able to use the measure tool (or something like it) to take simple measurements inside VR on a standalone Quest headset. It seems that this only works while connected to PC which he will never be. This, along with perhaps cross sections would make VR sketch a very powerful long distance collaboration tool. Hoping to see something like this in an upcoming release!
Thanks for a kick ass product!

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“Cross sections”, if you mean the “Section plane” tool, already work in a standalone Quest showing a cloud model; or maybe you mean that when multiple people are seeing the same cloud model, they don’t see each other’s section plane, only the one they set themselves? That’s the case in “view cloud model” mode and could be fixed; it already fully works in “collaborative editing” mode.

The fact that the “Tape measure” tool doesn’t work is an oversight, or even possibly a regression (it may have worked in the past). It will be fixed in the next release!

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Fantastic news, ok I will try the Section plane tool again. And thank you for looking into the tape measure again, that’s very useful! Thank you

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I fully agree that measurements by clients in cloud collaborative mode would be extremely useful. Thank you!

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Hello, I often assign section views to scenes in SketchUp, it would be nice if this correlation was maintained in VR. So, when choosing a scene with a section view in VR, the Section tool is activated to show the SketchUp section accordingly. Thank you

Looks like a good idea. For reference, though, the correct Sketchup Ruby API is missing ( I could make a partial implementation that only works in some cases, but I’m not sure it is a good idea. Also, Sketchup can have multiple active section planes (in different components) whereas VR Sketch only supports one. I’ll write “investigate more” in our internal to-do list…

Yes, multiple sections can be an issue but I suspect that not many people use this feature as it isn’t obvious and SketchUp aren’t exactly promoting it. Besides, as your article rightly points out, it can easily become a management nightmare. SketchUp is (even if only just), about keeping things simple… at least it still allows you to do so. So, some correlation between sections in SketchUp and in VR would likely be welcome by many.