Not downloading models


i have a question from a school in the Netherlands, the school has install the software on the computer and meta quest, everythink works fine. upload model is not a problem. i see the 3D model in vr in my list. but iff we download it it dont work… we work on the wifi network of the school.

so iff we make a hotspot on our phone it works fine.

so i know it is a problem with the close wifi network of the school, but witch network port need to be open in the wifi network of the school, so i can help the school.

All data exchanges are done on the standard port of “https://”, precisely to avoid this kind of issues. So that’s not the reason why it doesn’t work. Just a guess, but maybe your school proxy forcefully closes connections that stay open for too long? Your system administrator might be able to track down the reason for why the connection fails: if you visit him and try to open a model from the Quest, he should be able to see that a connection is being opened to, on the standard port. Technically it is a “wss” connection, which means it is an https connection but supposed to stay open for a longer period of time. He might see why this https connection is made to fail by the school’s proxy.