Object is moving after scaling

When scaling on an object, the object moves out of the VR position. Anyone facing such issue ?

VR Device: HTC Vive

Hi! Do you mean that whenever you try to zoom in, the view’s position changes too, i.e. it both zooms in (as expected) and shifts the position (unexpectedly)? I’ve seen this problem. If I’m misunderstanding you, sorry about that and please give more details.

This problem occurs because the sketchup model is at a position very, very far from the origin, on the order of hundreds or thousands of kilometers. In the next, unreleased-so-far version, we detect and report the problem with the following message:

This model is xxxx km away from the world origin.  You could hit
various issues when moving around, and some objects like the controller
tools will appear a bit off.  This is due to internal precision issues.
It is recommended that you re-center your model.  Note that the world
origin can be different from the center of the axes; right-click on the 
center of the axes and choose 'Reset' to view the world origin.

Does this explanation help?