Oculus Quest 2 - Localized Files

Hey, I am extremely excited to get to visit my sketchup files in VR on the quest 2 units. It works incredibly well for the most part.
My question is if it is possible to dump a sketchup file onto the quest 2 unit themselves. I tried putting the sketchup files onto the “cloud” but when I try to load them nothing happens. No loading progress bar or anything.
My way around it right now is to plug into quest 2 from my macbook pro, load the model, disconnect from the computer and I can walk around that way. It would be nice just to be able to have some of the files locally on the quest 2 unit instead without needing to load them from my computer. Is this possible?
Not even the demos will load.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

I’m not sure why your Quest fails to load the demo models. It could be that you are connected to a wi-fi which firewalls our cloud server; or maybe, if your PC is configured with some proxying for the web, then you’d need to configure the Quest in the same way. Try to use the built-in web browser inside the Quest to visit the page “https://vrsketch.eu”. Does it work?

Note that the Quest will cache the recently viewed cloud models, so it doesn’t need Internet connection to REload them… but of course it needs Internet connection the FIRST time.

Bingo, the firewall was the problem. That helps. Is it possible to increase the guardian size?

The guardian shown as a blue grid? Yes, you need to change that in your general Quest settings (it’s not related to VR Sketch). I could describe where it is on Quest 1, but Quest 2 might have some differences. Look at https://support.oculus.com/guardian/ or if, like me, you can’t stand videos when all you’re looking for is two lines of text, use a general Google.